Triple C

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Broad-spectrum antibiotic powder for birds.

TARGET SPECIES: Caged and aviary birds.

RECOMMENDED USE: Triple C is a broad-spectrum antibiotic powder for use in ornamental birds for bacterial infections including E.coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma (Chronic Respiratory Disease) and Chlamydia (Psittacosis).

KEY FEATURES: Triple C Antibiotic is an ideal first line antibiotic where a definite diagnosis is not available. If the birds fail to respond to the treatment within 3 days, veterinary advice should be obtained. Triple C may be added to the drinking water or the food of birds.

DIRECTIONS: IN WATER: Parrots 5.0g/L (1 tsp/qt), finch/pigeon 0.5g/L (½ tsp/qt).

IN DRY FOOD: All ornamental birds 5.0g/kg (½ oz/6 lb) of feed.

IN HAND-REARING FOOD: All ornamental birds 10g/kg (1 oz/6 lb).

Remove all sources of un-medicated water and prepare fresh solutions daily. Remove sources of grit and calcium for the duration of treatment. Supply medicated water for 5–7 days (Psittacosis 45 days) in glass, glazed or plastic containers.

Triple C antibiotic powder will be affected by the presence of calcium in the diet. During treatment, remove all sources of calcium including supplements, shell grit and cuttlefish bone. At the completion of the treatment, the birds should have their gut flora re-established using Synbiotic.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 100mg/g Chlortetracycline HCl.