Saver Intro Bundle

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This bundle promotion is especially designed on your feedback after Intro Bundle in loose packing (temporarily) to encourage new fanciers to try world's leading manufacturer Vetafarm of Australia's products and witness the difference in breeding results with original products of a world's leading company.


No. Products (Loose Intro Packing) Quantity  Price 
1 D Nutrical 150 G            1,500
2 Probotics  100 G            1,800
3 Avian Insect Liquidator 50 ML            1,000
4 Wormout Gel 50 ML                850
5 Multivet (With Moulting Aid) 200 ML            1,750
6 Breeding Aid Oil (Wheat Germ Oil) 100 ML                850
7 Calcivet / Liquid Gold 100 ML                950
8 Soluvet 100 G                850
9 Mix Breeder Pellets 1 KG            1,000
Total          10,550
Saver Intro Bundle Price        7,500
+ HARDEE'S Special Discount Voucher



Bundle is designed keeping in view all the essentials to obtain optimal breeding results during the breeding season and to help fanciers understand their desirable or required packing size of product to order in future.

This promotion is valid until stock lasts.

Shipping is Free at your doorstep nationwide with Cash on Delivery service without any extra charges.

We support every fancier because we love pets too as much as you do!

We wish every fancier a successful breeding season with quality and result oriented products of Vetafarm Australia (

JazakAllah Kher