Predamax for Carnivores

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Powdered supplement for carnivores fed on raw meat diets.

TARGET SPECIES: All large carnivores including lions, wolves and tigers.

RECOMMENDED USE: For carnivores being fed a raw meat diet to supplement
the diet with crucial vitamins and minerals that may be lacking, and to prevent
deficiencies, ensuring optimum nutritional balance.

KEY FEATURES: Essential vitamins, minerals and dual source of calcium for
animals fed on raw diets. Supports daily well being, including support for bones,
coat, brain and immune function. Designed by veterinarians, trusted by leading
zoos and breeders. Flavoured with real kangaroo for excellent palatability.

DIRECTIONS: Dust fresh meat with 5 grams (approx 1 heaped tsp) of Predamax
per 20kg (44lb) body weight of animal. This dose rate supplies approximately
50% of the NRC canine requirement for maintenance. Growing animals should
receive approximately double this recommendation.

INGREDIENTS: PER KG: Calcium (235.7g), phosphate (105g), vitamin A (690,000
IU), vitamin D3 (70,000 IU), vitamin E (145 mg), vitamin K (227mg) , vitamin
B1 (320mg), vitamin B2 (610mg), vitamin B6 (200mg), vitamin B12 (0.7 mg),
pantothenate (680mg), niacin (2100mg), folic acid (10mg), choline bitartrate
(15mg), salt (37g), iodine (53.2mg), iron (1320mg), cobalt (13.8mg), magnesium
(1280mg), manganese (186mg) and zinc (221mg).