Pigeon Recharge

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Dual-action energy replacer for performance pigeons.

TARGET SPECIES: Performance pigeons.

RECOMMENDED USE: Use after intense exercise to replenish depleted levels of
ribose and L-carnitine in muscle cells and to assist with recovery.

KEY FEATURES: Recharge provides an additional supply of ribose and L-carnitine
to performance animals, where levels may be depleted due to intense exercise.
ribose and L-carnitine both have a role in the energy conversion process for
all cells within the body, including the muscle cells. Intense exercise causes a
significant decrease in skeletal muscle levels. May be given by direct dosage or
diluted with drinking water.

DIRECTIONS: Prepare a 20% solution with water (e.g. 20mL/100mL).
Give 1mL (¼ tsp) of the prepared solution per bird by mouth once daily for 3 days
prior to intense exercise and 1mL (¼ tsp) immediately following intense exercise.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 250mg/L L-carnitine, 150mg/L ribose.