Pigeon Multivet Tablets

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High-potency vitamins for pigeons plus iodine.


RECOMMENDED USE: Use as a dietary supplement where levels may be low.
Can be administered to sick or injured pigeons to support a strong recovery.
May also assist in the recovery from trauma and disease through
nutritional support.

KEY FEATURES: Multivet contains 12 vitamins plus iodine. Supports good health
and vigour.

DIRECTIONS: Give one tablet daily, orally – as required.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: PER TABLET: Vitamin A 160IU, vitamin B1 78μg, vitamin
D3 40IU, vitamin B3 796μg, vitamin E 0.4mg, vitamin H 1.6μg, vitamin B12 0.72μg,
vitamin B9 38μg, choline bitartrate 6.27μg, iodine 33μg, vitamin K 326μg, vitamin
B6 62μg, vitamin B5 196μg, vitamin B2 202μg.