Pigeon Blud Tablets

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Nutritional supplement for healthy blood function in pigeons.


RECOMMENDED USE: To supplement the diet where levels may be low. Use to
assist performance pigeons to achieve and maintain peak fitness and stamina.

KEY FEATURES: Blud tablets provide essential factors to increase the blood
count and the oxygen supply to muscles. The unique mineral proteinates in
Blud ensures rapid and complete absorption of essential factors for better
blood production. Optimal red blood cell and haemoglobin levels can enhance
oxygen-carrying capacity, leading to fitter birds that have more stamina.

DIRECTIONS: Give one tablet daily per pigeon for three weeks then one tablet
twice a week during the race season.


PER TABLET: Iron proteinate (3mg), cobalt proteinate
(0.3mg), copper proteinate (0.3mg), vitamin B12 (0.01mg), zinc proteinate (7.5mg)
and folic acid (0.04mg).