D Nutrical Powder

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Triple calcium, vitamin and mineral supplement.

TARGET SPECIES: All birds on seed diets, particularly during the breeding season.

RECOMMENDED USE: Use D Nutrical to fortify any food source (e.g. homemade hand-rearing formulas) with calcium, vitamins and minerals. Ideal as a maintenance supplement or for use during breeding (particularly useful for calcium supplementation in breeding birds and growing chicks).

KEY FEATURES: Supports birds on seed diets that lack key nutrients. Triple calcium sources promote high-quality eggshell production, strong bone formation in young birds and general good health. Easily dusted onto food sources. Used and recommended by Birds International (Philippines).

DIRECTIONS: Use twice weekly for maintenance and daily during breeding.

INTRODUCING D NUTRICAL: Start with a dose of 5g per kg of feed and gradually increase to 20g over 6 feeds.

MAINTENANCE DOSE: Add 20g of D Nutrical per kg (1 oz per 3 lb) of food to boost active calcium levels. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be dusted with D Nutrical and added to bird diets.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: PER GRAM: 310mg calcium (31%).
Also contains: vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, and E) and minerals (phosphorus, sodium, iodine,
potassium, iron, cobalt, copper, magnesium and manganese).