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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Liquid water cleanser to improve and protect water sources for birds.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Protects drinking water from germs and green slime, aids in crop and digestive health.

CAN BE USED WITH: Aviclens is safe to use with any in-water supplement. Not suitable for mixing with parasite controls, antibiotics or probiotics.

KEY FEATURES: Protects drinking water from harmful water-borne organisms. Stops the growth of green slime in drinking water containers. Reduces the work involved with cleaning water containers. Does not negatively affect normal gut flora.

DIRECTIONS: Add 1mL of Aviclens to 2L of fresh water.
US conversion: Add 1cc to ½ US gal of fresh water.

Use as an animal’s normal drinking water or as a seed-soaking solution.
Change drinking water after 1-2 days in warm weather and 3-4 days in cooler temperatures. Soak seeds for up to 24 hours.

ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 10mg/mL Chlorhexidine Gluconate.