Finch and Budgie Crumbles

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Completely balanced extruded crumble diet specifically designed to meet the particular dietary needs of pet and breeding finches/budgerigars.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Finches, canaries and budgerigars.

ALSO SUITABLE FOR: Can be used as a part diet for omnivorous or insectivorous birds.

CAN USE WITH: Finch and Budgie Crumbles are a complete diet, no additional dietary supplementation is necessary. Vegetables or treats may be given as behavioural enrichment. Can be mixed with Insecta-Pro for omnivorous or insectivorous birds.

KEY FEATURES: Balanced food ideal for pet and breeding birds. Fortified with vitamins, minerals and calcium for egg formation, strong development of young and general ongoing health. Improved new formula with blueberry extract.

DIRECTIONS: Make freely available as the primary food source. Vetafarm pellets are designed to provide complete nutrition when fed at a rate of 80% or more of the total diet.

Min. Crude Protein 21.0%
Min. Crude Fat 8.0%
Max. Fibre 4.0%
Max. Salt 0.5%